we got some new cards aww yeah
sorry for glare :c

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first two packs of Pokemon cards and I got two ex cards?? crazy lucky

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Any Pokemon collectors out there want this??
I’m not a fan of Shaymin so I was hoping to sell it
send me an ask if you’re interested 

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Going to make a deck based off these cards too~ I have a old old fire/water deck based off a Salamence EX card but it’s not really tournament legal anymore so..needs a revamp lol

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I had the bottom half but Kyle got me 3 packs today and I got the top half!! Fucking making a badass theme deck with these. SO STOKED 

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This is my Pokemon Binder/box. Tumblr won’t let me upload all the photos I took of the cards, but these are a few extra things..

sheets from the TCG League for badges, pokedex, extra energy cards, collectable cards, fake gold charizard, playing mats I never use

Last photo is the box I keep all my decks/unsorted cards/trainer cards/some empty card packs because I collect them (I even have some of the old old ones!) 

If you want to see any of the cards I have I can post them in types :) 

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