In the Avatar State, you are at your most powerful.

#but okay no #no no no #this isn’t how this was supposed to happen #in the red gifs where aang is in the avatar state he WORKED for that #he spent three seasons coming to terms with his destiny and with his responsibility to the world as the avatar #and two of those three seasons showed him triggering the avatar state through fits of rage and pain #he went through three seasons of development #three seasons where he had to let go of katara and realize what exactly being the avatar meant to him and what it entailed #and then #korra’s time comes around and she’s just given the avatar state #she cries about how she’s failed (BECAUSE AANG NEVER DID THAT AND THAT WASN’T PART OF HIS DEVELOPMENT) and that’s enough to bring aang forth #and apparently she’s mastered the avatar state #no #aang had to go through hell to be able to master the avatar state and reach his goal #and korra i love you korra i do #but you deserve so much more #you deserve a fantastic story arc because you’re a fantastic character #you deserve growth and depth and internal conflict and not the easily reached fate you got #i’m sorry baby #i love you #i do.


The avatar state is brought through oneness with yourself and your previous incarnations, however, in order to achieve such oneness, each avatar has a different personality and different problems that require training in order to reach that state.

First of all, Korra is a teenager activating the avatar state for the first time. Aang was 12 when he activated it for the first time. Korra should have activated the avatar state A LONG TIME AGO, therefore demonstrating that she has severe blockages. She began her training sooner than Aang for more time than Aang is far more skilled than Aang in all of the elements except for air, obviously, but her continuous and consistent avatar training has prepared her for the avatar state well except for one thing: her flaw of lack of spirituality. This reason is also why Aang always appeared in visions and couldn’t appear to her clearly like Roku with Aang. Korra does not need three seasons of pain and suffering because Korra never had to come to terms with pain and suffering like Aang. With Aang, because he is as an airbender he already has innate spirituality, but his flaw was that he had to come to terms with the pain of abandoning his friends and everyone he knew.

So Aang and Korra do not need to go through the same process to reach the avatar state and should not be held to the same standard for how they should reach it.

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