i haven’t done a text post in a while but i haven’t done much

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first batch of pokedoodles

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Rhodochrosite is so dreamy. Shown here in a 16 mm pair.

Depending on the lighting, the same piece can look fleshy toned to bubble gum to hot pink. There’s a little more rough like this available for small plugs (16 mm or smaller) or labrets. Also cabs or inlays are an option. Please email for any quotes.

Beautiful rhodochrosite specimen.

oh man *o*

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The other night was just a sort of Nintendo night I suppose. 

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"I don’t really like people, but it’s difficult to get comfortable with loneliness. I mean, I’ve tried to have friends, but it never works out. And I’m tired of going out alone. I’m ok staying in at my place. It smells good when I burn incense and I have a lot of records and I can just play video games.” 

The bus she was waiting for arrived. “Do you need to go?” 

"It’s ok. Another one will come in ten minutes… But then, you know, sometimes I just want a partner— a relationship. It would be nice to share this part of my life with someone. I’ve been single for years, and you know, there are people I could call if I wanted to. But people always end up saying things that rub me the wrong way, or if I open up to them, suddenly they want me to be their best friend, and I don’t want people to have expectations of me. I don’t want to waste anyone else’s time if I’m not interested in being close to them." 

Another bus came and went while she told me about the loneliness, wiping tears from her eyes. Then another. “I’m sorry, I’ve talked too long.” 

"It’s really ok. Sometimes we just need to connect." 

"Yeah, I forget that sometimes."

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By 「すけそめ

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I can’t believe I spent all day on this!I saw a bunch of those fusion design challenges awhile back and never got a chance to do one until today! Used my 3 favorite pokemon Croagunk, Wartortle and Gloom.

Full view for best quality! :)

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we were honoured to be joffrey’s official wedding band on tonight’s Game of Thrones. he didn’t much like us but that’s ok.

i love my fave band im so happy rn

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current sexuality: house martell

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